Teaser From Poppet's New Book "Erra"

He stops the Ninja behind a mean looking Dodge Viper SRT10 parked outside my door. I really bloody hate it when the neighbors park their cars in front of my place. There's a whole road to park in, why choose to block my front door?
Getting off the bike, I'm grateful to take the helmet off and flick my hair out. Next time I want the wind in my face.
Removing his own, he steps up with me to the shadow cloaked front door. The moon must be coming up late tonight, because it's dark.
“Finally,” speaks from the black void on the side of the door recess.
Erra steps out, in his supersized body.
Dustin steps in front of me, looking him in the eye, “Can I help you?”
What? That means he's not wearing his Erik disguise.
“I just came to return these,” he says, pushing past Dustin.
Opening his hand, my pearls hang from a finger, offered to me.
Dusty looks at me, and in front of my eyes I am witnessing him retreating into the safe place inside. The veil of thick shadow isn't helping me read either of them.
Erra smiles down with dripping affection, laying it on thick, royally sticking it to me, “You forgot them at my place last night.”
Argh! He's trying to give Dustin the impression I was willingly with him last night. Like a lover! I won't let him do this.
“I didn't forget them, you took them off me just so you could do this!”
Dustin is frozen next to me, rigid, radiating aggression.
Laughing, Erra takes my hand, folding my fingers over the pearls, “Are we still on for tomorrow morning?” He's doing the intimate love-voice purr.
Oh you are an evil bastard.
“No. Go to hell.”
Shoving past him, I get my key in the door, flinging it wide open to bash against the wall.
Flicking the porch light on, Erra is staring at Dustin. Virtually eye to eye, a silent clash.
Leaping back out, slipping my hand in Dustin's, I push, “Let's get inside. This asshole was just leaving.” Pausing to narrow my eyes at Erra, I hiss, “Aren't you? And you can tell my boss I'd rather lose my job than have to take you sightseeing.”
He opens his hands on either side of him, a gesture of helpless surrender. “I'm sorry to hear that.”
Stepping closer, not giving a damn that Dustin is right next to me, he lifts my free hand, kissing the back of it, “Until we meet again.”
Now I just want to roll my eyes.
Releasing my hand, pulling himself up to his full height, he pauses in front of Dustin, not glaring, but the intimidation is glittering in his starlight eyes. Then he turns, strolling down the steps to his Viper.
It roars a guttural snarl when he turns it on, and I give up on encouraging Dustin inside. I can't stand here and deep-throat that bastard's ego a second longer.
Stomping inside, I head straight to the fridge and the vodka.
Erra's car grates away down the road, searing two cold hands down my insides.
The front door slams, and Dustin is filling the doorway to the kitchen, “Who the fuck was that?”