The Reason I Do Not Post Negative Reviews

I don't love every book I read.  I almost read a book every day.  On some particular days, I might get through more than one.  So, if I read three-hundred and fifty books or more a year, how come you don't see any negative reviews here?

The answer's not all that complicated.  Who the hell wants to read a negative review?  If I read a book and I don't like it, I just don't review it.  My idea is that you'll use the reviews I post to figure out if you might like the book, not to hear that you won't.  If I don't post a review for a book, I either didn't like it or didn't read it.

Further, who knows how I felt when I read the damn thing.  I could have just fought with my wife.  (I'm ALWAYS wrong when that happens--that's not sarcastic, it's just the truth.)  I could have indigestion.  I could have just received a rejection letter for one of my short stories or poems.  Who knows my frame of mind?  Since most of my reviews are for emerging or not-yet-rich-and-famous authors, I'm not going to be the guy who warns you away from the work.

I don't have any trouble posting negative comments about established authors (or dead ones) you can check out my required reading review blog to see me complain.  You won't find it here.

Let me tell you something, though.  I don't post negative reviews here, but that doesn't mean I post positive reviews that should be negative.  I only post what I believe.  You won't find me announcing to the world what I don't like, but when I tell you about a good one, click on the link and support an independent author.