Monday, August 20, 2012

A Whole Lot of Blood for a Book Called "Bloodless"

How's that for a kick ass cover image?
I feel like I've been in hibernation over the last year.  Lots of family issues came up, the scariest of which was the diagnosis of cancer for my favorite nephew, Michael.  (Okay, I love all my niece's and nephews the same.  That was just an attempt to find out if any of my non-immediate family reads my blog.)  But everything is worked out now, including what appears to be full remission for Mike; so I figured it was time to take my blogs seriously again, and I'm back at it. Wow...what a book to start with.  Jody  R. LaGreca and Michael McCarty have produced a very good novel.  I received a pre-publication copy since it comes out in October, but you should definitely keep an eye out for it on J.R. LaGreca's Amazon Page.

I'm amazed.  Every time I'm tempted to believe the vampire genre has been completely played out, somebody comes along and proves me wrong.  In this case, two somebodies have done a fabulous job knocking me on the head with a literary hammer just to tell me, "Shut up, Rosser--there's a hell of a lot more to explore with the bloodsuckers."  This is a great book with a fine storyline and lots of excitement and fun.  It's cool enough that I'm terrified I'll be throwing out spoilers left and right, so I'm going to be very careful.

I like the way the authors write.  That's generic and non-spoiling, right?  Of course, when both authors are lauded in the writing community, what did I expect?  (I mean really lauded, too, with Bram Stoker nominations, and real industry recognition.  Read some of LaGreca's poetry and you'll figure out why.)  As an example of the clear but sensual writing, take a look at this excerpt:

Dressed in a black satin gown, its sheen reflected the melodrama of night, which
loomed as a backdrop all around her. Whether it was a nightgown or a slip looked uncertain. The
one sure thing remained; Annie’s shapely form looked liquid as it shimmered with sensuality.
There was no mistaking her intent. Her breasts swelled upward generously and her blonde hair
looked luminous against her glowing eyes. They shone with an electric power, which stopped
both men dead in a draw.
In a plea of surrender the men looked at her, only to notice she held a serving of
strawberry parfait in her slender hands. She spoke again in a sultry voice, pitted in the valley of
the undead, a voice that could steal hearts like a thief of dreams.

So you already get that this book is loaded with eroticism and deep sensual language.  Don't take that to mean that it's one of those swooning "Vampires are misunderstood sex toys, not killing machines" books.  The undercurrent of undead danger is clear throughout the book.  I'm not saying you don't root for the bloodsuckers, you do.  It's erotic and romantic; but it's also horrific.

Alright...if I write any more, I'm going to give things away.  Keep your eye out for the book and pick it up in October.  You'll be glad you did.

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