Monday, January 16, 2012

The Trouble with Ap Miller

Okay, so this was intended to be a blog reviewing books generally intended for adults.  I don't mean erotica or high violence books, I just mean I'd intended to review for an audience of adults.  Along comes Ap Miller, the wonderful husband and wife writing team of Andrew and Patricia, and although they have a number of books for adults, they sent me The Boogedyman.  Bekah, my oldest daughter, fell in love with that one and even wrote her own review on her own review blog.  (Give her a thrill and leave her a comment.)  Okay, no problem.  One YA book and I could get back to shooting, screaming, kissing, and all that.

Except my daughters really love Ap Miller, so when they sent me Peter and the Pumpkin Patch, I had to read that.  (Yes, I'm the kind of guy who reads every single word before I let my kids read them.)  Okay, next thing you know, I had to do a review of that one because my youngest daughter Abby insisted it needed to be said.  Alright...soon people are sending me children's books left and right.  So, I reconcile myself to reviewing some of those as well.  The way I figure it, this is Rosser's Relaxed Reading Reviews.  Give your kid something to do and you'll get to relax for a little while, right?

So then, I pick up Ap Miller's new book, the Trouble with Tessa, and it's good.  My daughters love it even though it's a little young for them.  They're wonderful children's books about a rescued dachshund, Tessa.  I read the book and it was remarkable how easy it was to imagine a child rather than a dog.  Mommy is spoiling Tessa and Mommy knows it, but she spoils the dog because it's a rescued dog.

Tessa has a problem.
She loves to whine to her mommy.
She is very spoiled, and sits on the floor by
her mommy’s desk and cries.

I'm getting to know Andrew and Patricia, and I know about the real Tessa, and maybe that makes my take on the book a little one-sided, but I loved it.  For any of us who have ever had a rescued dog and dealt with the real fear of abandonment, you know what I mean.  Ap Miller wrote this book as a tribute, and it's special to me.  It's special anyway.  It's a great book, and you should pick it up for a kid in your life.  It's the first in a series, and you might as well pick up all of them.  If I know Ap Miller, your kids will love them.  You'll love them, too.

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