Thursday, January 12, 2012

Abigail's Review of Where Hummingbirds Come From by Adele Crouch

I’ll have to content myself to a life with a family that’s just more interesting and, well, cooler than me. My wife is both smarter and better looking than me.  My four sons are all stronger, smarter, and far more handsome.  On top of that, all three of my daughters are more clever and more fun on any given afternoon.  Okay…yes, you counted right.  I have seven kids.  Yes.  Seven.  Okay?  It helps to close your eyes, shake your head, and just pretend you didn’t know.

With all of my kids, I’ve read thousands of children’s books.   When independent publishing came along, there was a flood of really bad children’s books on the market.  A bunch of folks who didn’t understand that children weren’t idiots just started pumping out junk and expected me to not only put it in front of my kids but to pay for it.  Ugh!  Few things irritate me more than that.

I’m happy to say that Adele Crouch is not one of those writers.  Her beautiful and simple story is the opposite in fact.  It’s short enough that I…oh, wait.  My daughter is reminding me that she’s the one reviewing this book, so here you go.  My lovely Abigail Mae has this to say:

Tweet tweedy tweet…Oh, didn’t see you there.  What is that you want to know?  Oh, what I think of Where Hummingbirds Come From? Well, I guess I could tell you a little. I just think it’s  a wonderful book!  All the games I play have something in them that has something to do with birds.  This has my Mother Nature love on the ball! Hummingbirds, streams, flowers, and even snow!  Awesome! Okay, back to what I was doing.  Tweet tweedy tweet…

It just gives me chills to think about how well my wife has raised that seven year-old despite my best efforts to spoil the daylights out of her.  I’m getting the nod from her that I can get back to my comments, so..It’s short enough that I don’t want to give away too much of the plot, but let me say that it’s a wonderful book.  The story unfolds on a grandmother’s knee as she recounts a story about the origins of hummingbirds.  It’s loving and nostalgic, and most importantly, it didn’t make me want to shoot somebody for treating kids like they can’t like something tender and sweet.

Abby’s seven, and well into chapter books, so maybe it says a lot about Adele Crouch that she still liked a picture book.  I liked it, too.  I also liked that she has a number of her books on Amazon with translations included.  This would allow you to practice another language while enjoying time with your kids.  Pick this one up, folks. Happy reading.  

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