Thursday, December 29, 2011

Judy Serrano, Brother Number Three

Okay, so I already told you I'm not a big fan of the romance genre.  However, my review of Judy Serrano's Easter's Lilly also pointed out that I'm a pretty big fan of Serrano.  This book is the sequel to the first, and it explores the character of Lilly as she continues her strange and varied relationship with three on-again, off-again criminal brothers.

On-again, off-again is a pretty good way to describe Lilly.  I swear that girl moves from guy to guy like nobody's business.  Still, it's remarkable the way Serrano handles it.  Lilly isn't some kind of easy, promiscuous tart (at least she doesn't think she is) but instead truly becomes overwhelmed with the emotional response to the three very...very...very persuasive brothers.

This book is a fine read.  I like the way she develops all of the characters.  Serrano refuses broad strokes, which are so common in this genre.  I appreciate the way she's developed the characters even more in this book rather than rely on what she did for the first book and just throw them into new situations.

There are a few weaknesses.  I think there was far too little freaked-out panic going on about Lilly's son, and I think no three brothers would really pass a woman around the way they do in this series.  Really, though, it's a part of the whole romance thing, so it's a tiny criticism.

If you're not a romance fan, you still might enjoy this series.  Give it a shot.

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