Monday, October 17, 2011

A Review of Bad Billy by Jimmy Pudge

Jimmy Pudge’s latest is exactly what I’ve come to expect from him—well-written horror masked by an unapologetic approach that’s (can I say it?) vulgar and violent.  Sometimes, reading his work is like watching a fender bender that turns into a brawl that turns into a mass murder.  You think you’ve overcome the impact and he hits you over the head with a baseball bat one more time.  In the first few pages you’ve got the tone of the book smashed right into your face and there’s no pretending you’re not planning to turn (well, click) to the next chapter.

I enjoyed the book a whole heck of a lot.  Jimmy has a talent for taking an event or a scene and distilling it to the fewest words (and usually, they’re explicit words) needed to describe it.  I found myself laughing aloud and then feeling guilty as hell about it, kind of the way you watch a slasher flick, cheer when one of the good guys is killed, and look around in shame until you realize everyone else there is cheering for the maniac, too.  Pudge has a talent for stripping away every trapping of pretentiousness and getting you to read and enjoy.

Okay…let me give you a little taste, here…cigarettes, J & B, gunfire, flames, throat torn open by teeth, baby born in a toilet stall, eating a live cat, shotgun blast to the face, arm chewed off…well, you get the picture.  Don’t you dare buy this book and complain.  If you could possibly be offended, you will be.  But…if you want a taste of an author rapidly becoming one of my favorite writers of visceral comedy/horror, you need to pick up Bad Billy. 

It's very inexpensive on Kindle, and you'll pay more for the half pint of J & B you'll want to drink while you're reading it, so get to it.

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